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Christina W. Grinnell - "In retirement, Score provides me with the opportunity to continue mentoring small businesses. Helping entrepreneurs identify goals needed to improve effective business building –- whether it is launching a new enterprise or improving an existing business model — also advances the building of our communities and our nation."

​​​Burt Wallerstein - "The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. We evaluate and assist clients with the first two lines, and the third line should be self-evident."

Sandy Eames - "Almost every client I work with is an intelligent, motivated entrepreneur who is receptive to my helping them better understand the business they are in and thus make better decisions; what’s more is that each client’s situation is different! A secondary pleasure is working with my colleagues – we all share the same motivation to help our clients as a team so you cannot do this unless you enjoy helping people – thus the group is passionate, motivated, intelligent and fun to be with."

Roland Plottel - "It is the spirit of collegiality amongst the Counselors that brings about excellence when serving clients."


Diane Drey - "Watching a client’s business blossom is exceptionally rewarding to me as a mentor, and seeing someone proudly stand on their feet makes it all worthwhile."

Victor Henschel - "The most satisfying volunteer work I’ve ever done is at SCORE helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed."


Jerry Weinstein - "Being a Score mentor satisfies my need to stay relevant and to continuously learn .I achieve that thru mentoring people who are starting businesses or are working to improve theirs. I have been fortunate to have been in a number of businesses in various stages of growth and can relate to those we assist. I do believe for me,this is a fundamental responsibility, that I gladly embrace."

Lynn Diamond - "To participate as a mentor in Score is to be part of making history. The more than three decades of starting and running a successful communication consulting company has provided me with the background, knowledge and enthusiasm to help our clients start and or improve their present business. The wide variety of needs is challenge and honor."

Maurice Bretzfield - "I became a SCORE mentor because life has been very good to me and I wanted an opportunity to share my business knowledge and experience – it was time for me to “give back”. What I’ve found though, while mentoring is so very rewarding, is that the greatest thing about SCORE is what I learn every day from my clients and fellow mentors. Simply, SCORE is just a wonderful experience."