When Kenny Soto entered the SCORE intern program in January 2015, he was a songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and music major, who had never taken so much as a single marketing class. Eight months later, when he left the program to return to his senior year at City College, he found out his school had missed its enrollment targets for the year and faced a budget shortfall. But Kenny’s experience at SCORE taught him that a well-designed digital marketing program could offer a long-term solution to this problem.

As a result, Kenny Soto’s team was awarded a $20,000 contract to cover digital marketing costs and their expertise. Kenny’s share will go towards paying his tuition. But-even more important-his time as a SCORE intern gave him new career directions and opportunities. “There’s always a different way of using the Internet; you just have to keep your mind open to the possibilities,” says Kenny, formerly a SCORE NYC intern, now a senior at CCNY, president of the student government, and budding entrepreneur.

How SCORE helped. 

With advice and encouragement from SCORE mentor Maurice Bretzfield, the creator and head of the intern program, Kenny got together a small team, designed a targeted student-recruiting program for CCNY’s current academic year, and presented it to the college president and marketing team.

Kenny Soto - Former SCORE Intern, CCNY Senior and Entrepreneur