Business Owner Roundtables

Join a group of like-minded business owners to share the challenges and joys of running a business -- facilitated by experienced SCORE Mentors

  • The SCORE Business Owners Roundtable, now in our 12th year, assists small business owners achieve profitable growth in a wide range of industries. Participants report they make better decisions, become better leaders, and achieve better results due to the Roundtable experience.

    The success of the SCORE Roundtables is built on three guiding principles:

  • Business owners gain new perspectives and honest feedback from a trusted, small group of peers,
  • Certified SCORE mentors with distinguished business careers facilitate the peer-to-peer process, and
  • Subject matter experts participate as needed to provide deeper understanding on agreed upon topics. 


 Who should join a Roundtable?

Owners of an established business (any product or service industry) with annual revenue over $75,000. We speak with each applicant to be sure they are placed in a roundtable with business owners of similar size and stage of growth. We currently run 3 separate Roundtables, with about 10 to 12 business owners in each.

When do the Roundtables meet?

Each Roundtable group meets for eight 2-hour sessions; next Roundtable series will start the week of October 10th, 2022 and will meet on a schedule to be established by the group members. Roundtable sessions are currently all virtual. In-person meetings may resume as safety guidelines permit, but we will create a hybrid model if necessary, based on the wishes of each group.


For 8 sessions $399; returning participants $350

Next Steps

Interested Business Owners should schedule a conversation with a member of the Facilitation Team to determine which Roundtable group best fits you and your business. Please email to set up a conversation.

Here’s what participants say:

“An excellent peer outlet to discuss and determine best actions relating to scaling the profit, revenue, processes, and resources associated with my apparel decoration and manufacturing business. A wonderful way to learn from and help other busines owners.” Chris Berena, Scrappy Apparel Company

“Running a small business can be a lonely journey. The SCORE business roundtable with its group of like-minded business owners has been an incredible resource. The shared insight, honest feedback and accountability to my stated goals has transformed my business.” Becky Rogoff, Accounting Solutions LLC

“Whether you're a start up or a seasoned business, SCORE does a great job curating and facilitating the BORT series.The opportunity to surround yourself with likeminded business owners to discuss the ever changing business landscape in today's world is invaluable. I would highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs of all levels.” Ken Landin, Crossroads Brewing Company,Inc

“SCORE's Business Owners Roundtable provides a collaborative, confidential environment to share both successes and struggles with other business owners in a non-judgmental manner. It's an asset that only adds value for any entrepreneur, start-up or small business owner as they learn from one another what works and what’s been tried by others across a multitude of business types in order to help steer one's own business for growth and success.” Russell Grant, Live Shot Media

“The BORT program has been insanely helpful, and I have been inspired by other entrepreneurs.” Ed Roth, Stencil1

"Having a network of trusted peers through SCORE Roundtables has been a game-changer. I love getting new ideas and perspectives from business owners who have been through many of the same challenges I'm facing as an entrepreneur." Daniel Fenjves, Upperline Code

“I’ve found it very inspiring and enlightening to hear how others meet these challenges.” Robyn Mierzwa, Makeville

“The road as an entrepreneur has been very exciting but sometimes lonesome. The roundtable's great group of entrepreneurs delivers great feedback and perspective. Each session is packed with a bit of everyone's journey and it's great seeing how different businesses operate and overcome the issues that naturally arise. Business is ever-changing regardless of sector and having a chance to get together with others has helped me get out of the vacuum I usually work in and see how others are adapting and advancing.”Roy Peer, Peer Basics

“The SCORE Roundtable experience was both extremely valuable and uplifting.  Sharing real life problems, successes and solutions among a great group of similar-size small business entrepreneurs was inspiring.  Everyone was open and supportive.  I am very grateful for the experience.  Go for the accountability.  Come away with camaraderie!” Lynne Lambert, NYC Subway Line & MAP’T GEAR

“There is a special energy and momentum that I gain from being part of a community of thoughtful business owners. I've learned a great deal by listening to the difficulties and triumphs of those who attend. I always come away from a meeting with a long to-do list for my own business. It is this commonality, as well as meeting people I have come to call my friends, that are the reasons why I have signed up season after season.” Jason Schneider, Stand and Build