Business Owner Roundtables

Join a group of like-minded business owners to share the challenges and joys of running a business -- facilitated by experienced SCORE Mentors

  • For owners of established businesses with annual revenue over $100,000 in any sector, with composition of each group based on business size and complexity
  • Benefit from the experience of other business owners in a trusting setting, expand your network, and share new directions as we emerge from the pandemic
  • Roundtable Groups of 10-12 members meet regularly over 4-5 months through virtual sessions -- returning to in-person along with virtual meetings when safe
  • Roundtable sessions include members presenting and receiving advice from one other on short-term goals and strategic challenges and plans, and discussions of specific issues of interest to the group.  Outside experts attend occasionally to add to the depth of discussion, in subjects such as people and culture, digital marketing, and financial management

All interested applicants to a Business Owners Roundtable should contact Jerry Weinstein ( or Steve Kessler ( for more information

Here’s What Participants Say:

“An excellent peer outlet to discuss and determine best actions relating to scaling the profit, revenue, processes, and resources associated with my apparel decoration and manufacturing business.  A wonderful way to learn from and help other business owners.” Chris Berena, Scrappy Apparel Company

"Having a network of trusted peers through SCORE Roundtables has been a game-changer. I love getting new ideas and perspectives from business owners who have been through many of the same challenges I'm facing as an entrepreneur." Daniel Fenjves, Upperline Code (Computer Science Education)

“Running a small business can be a lonely journey. The SCORE business roundtable with its group of like-minded business owners has been an incredible resource. The shared insight, honest feedback and accountability to my stated goals has transformed my business.” Becky Rogoff, Strategic Advisor, Accounting Solutions LLC

“SCORE's Business Owners Roundtable provides a collaborative, confidential environment to share both successes and struggles with other business owners in a non-judgmental manner.  It's an asset that only adds value for any entrepreneur, start-up or small business owner as they learn from one another what works and what’s been tried by others across a multitude of business types in order to help steer one's own business for growth and success.”  Russell Grant, Live Shot Media