Your Trusted Business Advisor 

Would you like a team of advisors to help your business overcome obstacles?  

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SCORE NYC assigns a team of three experienced and selectively chosen
SCORE mentors to focus on your business and develop solutions tailored to your company’s needs.


SCORE NYC’s Advisory Board Service, Your Trusted Business Advisor can provide:

  •   Advice on difficult decisions facing your company
  •   Recommendations on ways to address current challenges you have identified
  •   Expertise in many areas, including sales, marketing, human resources, finance, franchising and operations
  •   Unbiased  perspectives from a team dedicated to your success
  •   Assistance with  challenges in motivating and retaining employees
  •   Guidance for succession planning and management transitions
  •   Ways to keep your team focused on the company’s goals

Our process includes:

  •   Onsite business assessment to identify your company’s challenges, including those you identify
  •   Partnership with a dedicated SCORE Team Leader to guide you through the Advisory Board process
  •   Advice on convincing your company to own the process
  •   Unbiased  perspectives from a team dedicated to your success
  •   Guidance on the development of a 1-3 year strategic action plan to prepare your company for the future
  •   Quarterly update meetings during our minimum one-year commitment

We strongly encourage active participation by the Company’s top management team and/or outside advisors. A minimum one-year commitment is required.
This unique and cost-effective service (only $3k per annum) is for clients who have been in business for more than two years, have sales in excess of $2 million and have a management team in place.   

Please see our FAQs that will answer most questions.

Schedule a SCORE Advisory Board Consulation

SCORE's Advisory Board help keep our management team focused. Their guidance has had a direct positive impact on efficiency and profitability." - Alan Weiner

We have had a great experience with the SCORE Advisory Board. The team's creativity and knowledge really help keep is on track and accountable and they act as a responsive sounding board from which we are able to get very good guidance and advice" - Bob Chory

Firstrade had reached a critical point and needed to make critical decisions in order to grow. SCORE's team recommended a strong course of action that reinvigorated our business." - John Liu

Learning About SCORE's Advisory Board Services

Play Video as SCORE mentor Norm Sherman chats with Deb Woolridge, a certified subject matter expert in Human Resources at the New York City Chapter of SCORE and former member of the Go! Go! Curry advisory board. The two discuss Go! Go! Curry’s origins in 2003, what “Go! Go!” is in reference to, and what CEO Tomoko Omori's goals were in 2018 when it formed an advisory board with SCORE.