Your Trusted Business Advisor

Would you like a team of advisors to help your business overcome obstacles? 


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SCORENYC’s Advisory Board Service, Your Trusted Business Advisor can provide:

  • Advice on difficult decisions facing your company
  • Recommendations on ways to address current challenges you have identified
  • Sales and cost-control strategies to increase profitability
  • Expertise in many areas, including sales, marketing, human resources, finance, franchising and operations
  • Unbiased  perspectives from a team dedicated to your success
  • Assistance with  challenges in motivating and retaining employees
  • Guidance for succession planning and management transitions
  • Ways to keep your team focused on the company’s goals

SCORE NYC assigns a team of three experienced and selectively chosen SCORE mentors to focus on your business and develop solutions tailored to your company’s needs. 

Our process includes:

  • Onsite business assessment to identify your company’s challenges, including those you identify
  • Partnership with a dedicated SCORE Team Leader to guide you through the Advisory Board process
  • Advice on convincing your company to own the process
  • Guidance on the development of a 1-3 year strategic action plan to prepare your company for the future
  • Quarterly update meetings during our minimum one-year commitment

We strongly encourage active participation by the Company’s top management team and/or outside advisors. A minimum one-year commitment is required.  

This unique and cost effective service (only $3k per annum) is for clients who have been in business for more than two years, have sales in excess of $2 million and have a management team in place.

Please see our FAQs that will answer most questions.  Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

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