Management Consulting for Your Business

Would you like a team of advisors to help your business overcome obstacles? 


Are you facing any of these challenges?       

  • Stalled growth / difficulty scaling up
  • Cash flow and squeezed profit margins
  • Developing and executing a marketing plan
  • Managers who do not work effectively together
  • Financing growth
  • Lack of technology to improve business
  • Dealing with daily emergencies; spending all your time working “in” your business and not “on” your business
  • Succession planning and reaching long-term goals
  • Preparing to sell your business for maximum value

A SCORE NYC “Advisory Board” team can help.

Our Advisory Board service provides a three-person team of advisors to help you meet these challenges. The advisors bring diverse expertise dependent on your business needs. Advisors commit to working with clients for at least a year with quarterly on-site meetings.

Our expertise includes leadership, sales, marketing, human resources, cash management, operations, finance, technology, social media, real estate, construction and other business areas.

Our process includes:

  • An onsite business assessment to identify your company’s challenges.
  • Select Advisors from our team of over 70 certified mentors matched to your company’s challenges.
  • Develop a strategic and integrated action plan to address your challenges.
  • Partner with you to implement these plans in a timely manner to ensure success.

This service is for clients with sales >= $2 million and a management team.

Please see our FAQs that will answer most questions.  Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

See a recent webinar presentation with video testimonials from prior AB Clients-Here

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