SCORE NYC is a volunteer team of experienced business mentors dedicated to providing insights and knowledge to small business owners and those wishing to start a business with.

Our 70+ mentors represent a multitude of industries and business expertise. They have all enjoyed success in their careers and are committed to giving you the support, encouragement, and tools needed to build and sustain your business.  

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Accounting, Finance, Banking

Guru Baliga.  Senior executive in major financial institutions.  Experienced in fund raising, business valuation, business plans, and investment strategies.

 Bruce Berger, CPA, Chief financial officer and chief information officer at three major corporations, experienced in development and implementation of enterprise computer systems; as an independent consultant, worked with specialty retail chains and multi-location distributors and manufacturers. Expert in business plans, accounting, budgeting, financial analysis and IT.

 Jeff Chertoff.  Chief Financial Officer at various companies including startups primarily in financial services and financial tech.  Expert in business accounting, business plans, general management and strategic planning. 

 Bruce Director, CPA,Accounting specialist with a major accounting firm; owner of an independent financial consulting firm; executive with a large international bank; experienced in working with both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. Expert in business plans, budgeting, accounting, financial analysis.

   Joanne Harras.  CFO/COO of multi-media companies, most recently with a local publishing and event business. Expert in businss plans, strategy, accounting procedures and implementing process.

 Sharon Harris. A senior executive with JP Morgan Chase bank. Experienced in hands-on work with small and midsize lenders in various industries, with a focus on commercial real estate debt. Expert in bank lending and credit, assessing capital requirements for businesses, enhancing readiness for financing.

 Mel Howard. Accountant experienced in banking and middle-market lending, factoring, and commercial financing, and financial projections. Expert in loan portfolio marketing, management, and financial projections.

 Bob Moses. CPA, Formerly a specialist in corporate taxes with Price Waterhouse and head of global corporate taxes at Sony. Expert in accounting and financial analysis for a wide range of client organizations; experienced in arranging financing for start-up businesses.

   Greg Root.  Senior executive at a number of investment banking and credit rating agencies.  Experienced in business management and financial analysis.  Expert in strategic planning, business development and budgeting.

See also Harry Precourt (Non-profits); Seth Rogovin and Joel Weidman (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution)

Business Management, Planning, and Organization

  Albert Angel. Senior executive at Merck & Co., co-founder of a bio-tech company, and active board memeber of non-profits.  Expert in organizational consulting, business plans, staffing, non-profit start-ups, governance, management, and international pharmaceutical and bio-tech businesses.

 Sandy Eames. Marketing and business development executive and consultant to small-to-large medical electronics companies; active volunteer with non-profits. Expert in business model development, business plans, outbound marketing, product development, strategic alliances, and non-profits.

 Sean Gallagher.  Executive in Financial Services and FinTech industries and Management Consultant for professional services firms. Specialize in developing and executing growth strategies for businesses.  Hands on experience in strategy, business planning, sales, marketing, go to market strategies, product management and product development. 
 Osy Harrison. Executive consultant in non-profit organizations; specialist in financial services with extensive experience in start-up marketing and project management.  Expert in business planning, strategy, construction and real estate.

 Kirk Imamura. President of a major NY recording studio facility; experienced in consumer electronics manufacturing and product development; active volunteer with non-profits. Expert in strategic planning, business plan development, and product planning.

 Kurt Jordan. Business and IT Strategy Consultant; Expert in business modeling and planning, financial modeling and planning, strategy development, project management, joint venture planning and management, turnarounds and negotiations.

Carolyn Katz, banker, venture capital investor and consultant specializing in media, tech and communication companies; founder of a ePublishing / eCommerce company.  Expert in financing, preparation of pitch and investor materials, strategy and operations, business plans, financial projections and models. 

 Stephen Kessler.  Chief financial officer, division general manager for major private and public companies in consumer packaged goods, publishing, Internet, and high-growth start-up companies. Expert in business plans development and strategic planning, information technology.

 Shelley Orenstein.  Chief Operating Officer, co-founder and board member of software/consulting firms. Experience in start-up plan development, growth strategy, financial planning and due diligence requirements for selling a company.

 Cathy Mulrow-Peattie. Seasoned lawyer/business strategist with extensive experience in digital media, social media, ecommerce, emerging technologies, software and cybersecurity from two Fortune 500 companies and a digital media start-up. Expert is helping companies launch new products, strategic business planning, contract and transaction negotiation, and marketing. 

 Leonard Springer. Financial consultant and negotiator, turnaround specialist for small and midsize companies; experienced in retail, manufacturing, banking, and import/export industries. Expert in business, legal, accounting, and insurance issues; restaurant management, and finance.

 Marc Spurr. Founder and CEO of a municipal bond firm; chief information officer with experience in government, aerospace, and financial institutions, computer, and communications operations. Expert in sales, general business management, investment management, and technical services.

 Claude Trahan, executive and lawyer. Formerly lead human resources officer and senior operations officer for large energy company. Legal background in law firm, corporate, government and judicial organizations. Strategic, legal, operational and administrative experience. Expert in litigation, human resources, business management and strategic and business planning.

 Burt Wallerstein. Executive with department stores and discount chains; owner of a sales, marketing, and sourcing agency for apparel and sundries; consultant to small wholesale and retail businesses. Expertise in new business model development, brand building, retail, strategic alliances, supply chain, licensing and importing.

 Jerry Weinstein. Entrepreneur, member of multiple boards, business executive experienced in manufacturing-oriented businesses, construction products and materials, public and private corporations, and the global marketplace. Expert in managing start-ups, turnarounds, and non-profit organizations.

See also Jim Alles (E-commerce, Internet, Information Technology), Bruce Berger, Jeff Chertoff, Joanne Harras, Greg Root (Accounting, Finance, Banking), Jerry Litner (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution), Tim Contado, Arthur Levin, Bob Mate (Marketing, Sales, Public Relations), Lee Simonson (Media, Entertainment), Judy Katz and Harry Precourt (Non-profit), Michael Snyder (Technical Services, Engineering)

E-Commerce, Information Technology, and Social Media

 Jim Alles. Chief executive of an international chemical company, experienced in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, plastic films, and polymers, as well as in technology solutions and non-profits. Expert in strategic and business planning, finance, human resources, manufacturing, e-commerce, social media, and Web strategy.

 Bob Fitterman.  Co-founder and chief technology officer of multiple startups.  Experienced in market data, location-based business discovery, geodata, and mobile phone services. Expert in software design, product creation, agile methodologies, IP issues, due diligence, team management and growth.  

See also Bruce Berger (Accounting, Finance, Banking) and Mary Tan (Marketing, Sales, Public Relations)


 Ivan Szanto. Skype Only Mentoring.  Chief executive of import and wholesale distribution company of hard goods and hunting and camping equipment; experienced in product development, purchasing, import/export procedures, trade, finance, and operations. Expert in international trade, business start-ups and their legal aspects, business plans, and intellectual property law.

See also Harry Dannenberg and Herb Winkler (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution), Neil Puro (Business Management, Planning and Organization)

Legal Services

 Edward Cowen.Attorney, Senior Partner of a prominent national law firm; Chairman of New York City Bar Association’s Committee on Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization. Expert in business law, financial restructuring, bankruptcy counseling, loan and credit transactions, and business work-out arrangements.

 Lawrence I. Drath, Attorney experienced in real estate transactions including hospitality industry facilities, arbitrator resolving business disputes in commercial agreements. Expert in structuring business entities and partnership and joint venture agreements.

 Fletcher Duke. Attorney for several NYC banks; experienced in finance, taxation, business turnarounds, bankruptcy, buying and selling businesses, litigation management. Expert in a wide range of businesses, including real estate.

 Clarence McMaster. Attorney, certified financial planner (CFP), corporation counsel for major insurance and financial services firms. Expert in advertising, training, marketing compliance, and employee contracts agreements and contract litigation. At SCORE NYC, coordinates with pro-bono law firms.

 Roland Plottel. Patent and trademark attorney, experienced in negotiations and litigations for telephones, semiconductors, cables, and fiber optics in the U.S. and abroad. At SCORE NYC, coordinates with pro-bono law firms.

See also Marvin Lieberman (Non-profits), Claude Trahan (Business Management, Planning, Organization)

Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations

 Tim Contado. Seasoned marketer with experience in CPG and food products.Marketing and sales executive with cinema advertising company.Expert in business management, advertising and marketing strategy, media and entertainment, and new product development.Experience in recruiting, public relations, and retail.

 Howard Geltzer. Owner, creative director of a PR firm; executive director and managing director of a major PR firm; faculty of NYU Stern Business School; creator of award-winning new-product introductions and communications programs for major U.S. and international corporations.

  Karen Gershowitz.  Marketing strategy and research consultant with Fortune 500 financial institutions, technology and service provider clients; experience in the performing arts sector.  Expert in marketing, marketing research, strategy, product and service development.

 Tom Greenbaum. Marketing executive with leading consumer products companies; ran large eBay company; faculty of marketing research in NYU Stern Business School; author of six books on marketing and running a small business. Expert in marketing, marketing research, consulting and eCommerce.

Lyn S. Hill. Chief communications officer for large urban hospital and for academic institutions, with responsibility for media, government and community relations; print and digital publications, publicity and advertising. Active on several non-profit boards. Expert in public relations, marketing, community outreach, fund raising.

 Arthur Levin. Founder and President of a law firm consulting and training business; experienced in working with professional services firms on sales, marketing, profitability and administrative issues. Expert in business development and marketing strategies.

 Bob Mate. Senior sales and marketing executive with extensive experience in media, new products, direct marketing, sales management. Expert in developing both business and marketing plans, growing business from the bottom up and turning around struggling brands and businesses.

 Alvin Roselin. Founder and chief executive of a marketing communications company with specialty in public relations; publicity for print, radio, and TV; production of message films, including public service announcements, video news releases, infomercials, and sales films. Expert in all areas of marketing.

 Robert Serabin.  Sales and marketing executive n aerospace, industrial, and commercial markets, experienced in working with large corporations and small companies.  Expert in sales/marketing planning and strategy development.

  Bailis Stair - Marketing, Sales and Business Strategy Executive with track record of developing and executing international growth plans for Fortune 500 companies.  Expert in marketing strategy, business planning, product development and global business customs.

 Mary Tan.  Marketing executive with a global consumer products company; department store buyer for a major retail chain. Expert in brand building, inbound and outbound marketing strategy for profit and non-profit companies, new product development, business development, and strategic planning.​

See also Jack Cohn, Lee Simonson and Sandy Eames (Business Management, Planning, Organization), Vincenzo Gatto, and Susan Shapiro (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution),  Judy Katz (Non-profits)

Media, Entertainment

 Jack Cohn.Owner and producer of a TV commercial production company experienced in television production; marketing, advertising, and sales strategy and planning; Wall Street portfolio and securities analysis. Expert in business, marketing, and sales operations, strategy, and planning.

 Lee Simonson. CEO and Founder of 2 media companies and former President of a strategic consulting firm. Expert in start-up planning, customer acquisition, sales and marketing strategies.

See also Kirk Imamura and Lee Simonson (Business Management, Planning, Organization)

Not-for-profit Businesses

   Rafiq Diab, Senior consultant, expert in providing guidance to profit and non-profit entrepreneurs and startups in the area of developing business models and plans, market assessment, grant writing, and preparation of risk management plans.

 Barbara Grumet. Dean, School of Professional Studies, CUNY Brooklyn campus; academic administrator of a community college; executive director, board president, and board member in several non-profit organizations; experienced in health and human services. Expert in business plans, start-ups, education, and training.

 Judy Katz. Executive consultant on organization and operation of non-profit companies; specialist in financial services, including insurance, retail, education, and non-profit. Expert in business planning, marketing strategy, competitive positioning, and organizational development.

 Marvin Lieberman. Attorney, senior executive with a non-profit professional medical education organization. Expert in health insurance, healthcare policy, and management issues.

 Harry Precourt. Independent management and financial consultant; senior executive with major banking and accounting organizations. Expert in banking, business planning, workout and turnaround situations and financials for non-profits.

See also Jim Alles (E-Commerce, Internet, Information Technology) and Mary Tan (Marketing, Sales, Public Relations), Bruce Director (Accounting, Finance, Banking), Sandy Eames and Jerry Weinstein (Business Management, Planning, Organization), Susan Shapiro (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution)

Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution


 Harry Dannenberg. Executive in women’s designer, better, and popular-priced footwear, retail and wholesale; experienced in developing and bringing footwear to market. Expert in shoe manufacturing, import, and distribution.

 Paul Diamond.  Executive with extensive experience in the manufacture , design, marketing, advertising and sales to fashion and luxury goods retail establishments.  Expert in sales training, business management, and start up business planning.

 J. Vincenzo (Vince) Gatto. Owner of retail apparel stores; consultant to small men’s-apparel retailers; professor of marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT); experienced in food- and home-industry start-ups. Expert in management, development of business plans for start-ups, brand­positioning and -repositioning, marketing, and promotion.

Evan Janovic. Chief Executive in decorative and interior paint business for consumer, contractor, and institutional businesses.  Experienced in business management, planning, and organization.  Expert in retail, manufacturing, import, and distribution.

 Neil Puro, Founder of a domestic, multi plant, Home Furnishings Manufacturing company. Experienced in all segments of running a fast-paced entrepreneurial business:  cut and sew, import & export, supply chain management, product development, marketing, and costing.

John Puntar.  Production manager in the manufacture of private label to designer fashion apparel.  Expert in all phases of production from showroom samples to deliver, domestic and offshore.  Also experienced in the construction and sales of cop and condo properties.  

Charmaine Wei. Chief Executive in jewelry company based in China with extensive experience in product development, strategy, operations, and business management.  Expert in retail, manufacturing, distribution, and grant fund writing.  

 Herb Winkler. Owner and CEO of an apparel company, experienced in manufacturing, importing, and wholesale selling of children’s, men’s, and women’s fashion and private-label clothing. Expert in department, discount, and chain-store merchandising, as well as in real estate management of co-ops and condos.

Other Products

 Donald Gottheimer. Founder and president of a distributor/retail chain of branded cosmetics, fragrance, and hair-care products. Expert in all aspects of starting, operating and building a successful business organization, from site selection to operations and marketing to ultimate P&L responsibility.

 Jerry Litner.President of several small and midsize manufacturing companies specializing in electrical products, experienced in developing and marketing consumer electronic and industrial products. Expert in business plans for start-ups.

 Seth Rogovin. Owner and operator of retail and wholesale outlets specializing in paint, wallpaper, window treatments, and other decorating products. Expert in accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, business plans, franchising, retail, outbound marketing, and supply chain.

 Susan Shapiro.President and CEO of a major U.S.-Canada travel consortium that markets travel projects to agency clients; experienced in development of marketing materials, customer databases, and Web sites. Expert in outbound marketing, strategic alliances, sales, event planning, and public relations.

 Jerome Sudnow. Owner and operator of a stationery products manufacturing firm. Expert in product development, sales, distribution, import/export, finance, sales rep development, packaging, and warehousing.

 Joel Weidman. CEO of a textile firm; founder of a trading and consulting company that works with smaller companies in the textile industry; CFO of an advertising agency. Expert in all areas of finance, merchandising, and pricing.

See also Jim Alles (E-commerce, Internet, Information Technology), Burt Wallerstein (Business Management, Planning, Organization)

Real Estate, Construction

 Bill November. Real estate and construction executive, licensed real estate broker in New York and Connecticut; experienced in developing new properties and construction of apartment houses, office buildings, and factories. Expert in lease negotiations, legal setup, business plans, and non-profits.

See also Jerry Weinstein and Osy Harrison (Business Management, Planning, Organization)

Technical Services, Engineering

 Michael Snyder. Executive in electronics industry engineering and manufacturing company; experienced in operations marketing, engineering, and manufacturing. Expert in business plans, cost reductions, staffing, restructuring, product and service development, and product introductions.