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5 Ways to Prevent a Recession from Wreaking Havoc on Your Business

August 10, 2020,

We emailed with more than two dozen small business owners and consultants to come up with five things you should do to make your business recession-proof.


How to Think Like a CEO

August 2, 2020,

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that leaders are smarter, more charismatic, or somehow inherently better as people. The truth, however, is that anybody can learn to become an incredible leader.


4 Tips for Rebuilding Your Business After the Pandemic

July 27, 2020,

Many businesses are once again opening their doors to customers and employees alike. These tips and considerations can help as you rehire and rebuild. 


How Misguided Sympathy is Alienating Women in the Workplace

July 21, 2020,

The next time that you feel tempted to sympathize -- pause. Consider whether you can genuinely understand your employee's perspective, or if your need to relate is a reflexive way for you to prevent an awkward conversation.


6 Tips for Businesses After PPP Funding is Secured

July 13, 2020,

Getting approved for PPP funds may be a welcome lifeline for a struggling small business. But it’s just as important to take the time to know how to best use the funds available to you. 


Helping Employees Become Their Best Selves

July 9, 2020,

Dependable employees are invaluable. It is incumbent upon a leader to not only find people who are a good fit, but also to ensure they remain so.


Understanding Residential Building Laws Within a Pandemic Context

June 30, 2020,

Though almost universally deemed as “unprecedented,” the operational difficulties posed by COVID-19 are not entirely unknown to history. The owners, managers and boards of New York City’s multifamily buildings faced similar challenges a hundred years ago.


The Modern-Day Challenges Facing the CEOs of Healthcare Facilities

June 26, 2020,

In order to do right by our patients, the healthcare system must continue to evolve. And while this transformation is necessary, it also poses certain challenges to our existing infrastructure. 


Negotiating Over Zoom: A Few Tips to Tip the Scales

June 22, 2020,

Successful negotiators pick up on countless subtle clues -- body language, voice tone, eye contact -- to know when things are (or aren't) going their way. It's a delicate art at the best of times, and is made even more difficult during videoconferences.


3 Ways to Pivot Your Business Model

June 16, 2020,

Trying to reposition your company? Here are three ways business owners can evaluate new opportunities and enter new market segments in efforts to come out on top.