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5 Tips to Attract College Grads to Your Small Business

August 25, 2017,

As Millennials become the largest cohort of workers in the United States, small companies need to create new business models that support their needs. These five tips can help small businesses leverage the expectations and needs of new college grads to help grow and stabilize their small empires in the future.


How to Be Innovative When Starting Small

August 14, 2017,

When it comes to innovation, big businesses usually take most of the praise for their ingenuity and strategy; after all, they can afford large research and development departments. But small businesses are just as innovative--sometimes more--than large-scale corporations.


Copyrights and trademarks: protecting your business intellectual property

April 20, 2017

Most small businesses own written content (websites, promotional materials, a product such as a book or a song) or images such as a name, a logo, or a marketing tagline. These are all types of intellectual property, and it needs protecting to make it harder for others to steal your ideas or use them without your permission.