Sourcing and Supply Chain Management July 25, 2018, 10:00am EDT
Berkeley College
255 Duffield Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Who should attend?
Business executives who seek to source a product overseas or domestically: wholesalers needing to produce, manage and sell inventory, as well as retailers who need to procure, merchandise and manage inventory


Product sourcing and supply management are the riskiest parts of product development. The various operational stages involved in bringing a product from product design to point of sale are crucial.

This workshop covers the supply chain issues that must be addressed before launching a new product. Depending on the product and where it is produced, these may include manufacturing/production, packaging and labelling, shipping, customs service, warehousing, inventory control and re-shipping. 

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define basic sourcing and supply management terms based on a comprehensive glossary
  • List criteria for selecting a factory or source
  • Outline the product development and quality assurance processes needed to bring a successful product to launch
  • Summarize the key factors to communicate to sources/manufacturers in producing the product
  • Describe the six steps to inventory management and process for moving products from factory to destination
  • Identify strategic alliances needed for an efficient supply chain
  • Discuss the four criteria for effective customer service

Instructor:  Burt Wallerstein

Burt Wallerstein is the founder and principal of a global, marketing and consulting agency. He is also an advisory board member of Virtual Enterprise International. He has written commentaries on improving higher education for Washington Examiner and John William Pope Center. His unique combination of skill sets includes new business development, retailing, wholesaling, merchandising, branding, marketing, sales, global licensing, global sourcing, importing and consulting to small businesses.  

Mr. Wallerstein is a SCORE mentor.

Workshop Fee:  Online registration $29, walk-ins $39
There is a $10 discount on all Student and SEAP registrations (valid ID must be presented at the door; bring SEAP form to the workshop).