Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Business - 08/05/2019 - C1000 August 5, 2019, 12:00pm EDT August 5, 2019, 4:00pm EDT
SCORE NYC Headquarters
SCORE NYC Headquarters
26 Federal Plaza, 6th Floor Conference Center
Enter on Worth Street between Broadway & Lafayette
New York, NY, 10278

Ever wonder about what is needed before starting a business? Answering the questions explored in this workshop will give you a basis for deciding whether or not you should venture to start a new business.

The class will cover common misconceptions about start-ups, marketing plans, business models, branding and a lot more.

Listen to what previous attendees are saying about this class and its instructor:

  • “Going over products shown as examples”
  • “Helpful definitions including importance of a brand a ‘niche’ market”
  • “Excellent at breaking down information in easy to understand examples”
  • “Brought examples of successes and failures within his businesses”
  • [Taught me how to] ”Network on a broader scale” “Fine tune my customer profile”

Workshop Fees:  Online registration $29, walk-ins $39
There is a $10 discount on all Student and SEAP registrations (valid ID must be presented at the door; bring your SEAP forms to the workshop).