New Webinar! Intermediate Excel: Tracking Your Cash Flow July 25, 2022, 11:00am EDT July 25, 2022, 12:30pm EDT
Zoom Webinar

New Webinar. Part II of our Basic Excel for Small Businesses Series.


Small business owners who would like to continue expanding their Excel knowledge to track business data in a spreadsheet. Basic knowledge of Excel usage is helpful. A basic Excel class is recommended but not required before taking Intermediate Excel.


Excel helps you have control of and control your real numbers. That allows you to plan for future growth by monitoring your bottom line

Are you intimidated by the task of recording or analyzing your numbers? Do you have a great service or product, but are not sure about the total cash on hand or how to quantify itDo you need to share your numbers with a third party? Excel may be the tool you need to do just that.

In real time, an Excel expert will walk you through key functions such as building a cash flow template, filling in cash in and cash out sections, and some basic calculations. 

This is a live session, not a “one-way tutorial”. You can ask questions and ask for clarification at frequent intervals.

And, at the end, you will receive a completed spreadsheet to guide you in the future.


At the end of this webinar, you will have the knowledge and resources to:

  • Create formulas to reference different parts of Excel
  • Freeze spreadsheet sections
  • Insert rows and columns
  • Describe how formulas are affected to by changes in rows and columns
  • Sort sections of data

DATE & TIME: July 25, 2022, 11am to 12:30pm Eastern Time

DURATION: 1.5 hours


This is a paid event costing $25.

There will be no refunds for this webinar unless SCORE NYC cancels it.


Victoria Drozdov has a degree in Computer Science and worked on Wall Street for many years analyzing data and creating business applications and processes. She also grew and sold an Environment Engineering firm, managing financial reporting, technology improvements, staff training and incentive programs. Most recently she has consulted to non-profits on technology topics. Victoria uses Excel as a tool for all she does, both professionally and personally.

New Webinar! Intermediate Excel: Tracking Your Cash Flow