Craft Powerful Marketing Messages December 12, 2022, 11:00am EST December 12, 2022, 1:00pm EST
Zoom Webinar


Startups and small businesses who want to connect effectively across all forms of marketing communication with clients, prospects and customers. Anyone who communicates regularly with clients/customers, either B2B or B2C.


Ever wonder why your beautiful website or Instagram pages aren’t drawing the traffic you expected?

The quality of your messaging can sometimes explain the discrepancy between your expectations and results. If people don’t “get” what you wanted to say, you lose the opportunity to convert them.

The right messaging cuts through, connects, and leaves the right impression. It can help expand your reach, attract more customers, clients and prospects. It also builds the marketing foundation to support business growth and expansion through new products or service, or a different market niche.

This webinar can help you market your business more effectively and build a strong foundation for the evolution of your brand.

Delve into ways to ensure your messaging’s power, consistency and relevance to your customer so you get more out of your marketing initiatives.

Half hour allotted for Q&A!


At the end of this webinar, you will have the knowledge and resources to:

  • Establish your brand voice
  • Boost the impact of your marketing messaging
  • Ensure the consistency and power of your marketing campaign across channels 
  • Better engage prospects, customers and clients

DATE AND TIME: December 12, 2022, 11am-1:00pm, Eastern Time 

Duration: 2 hours, including Q&A 


This is a paid event costing $35. 

There will be no refunds for this webinar unless SCORE NYC cancels it


Mary has in-depth knowledge of branding, new products, and business development/management in a variety of settings. She is an expert on inbound and outbound marketing for profit and non-profit companies. She spent more than 30 years at Colgate-Palmolive managing and building global brands such as Palmolive, Colgate, and Ajax. She had previously worked in the retailing, nonprofit and publishing sectors. Mary has an MBA in Marketing/Finance from Columbia Business School. She is a certified SCORE mentor.

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Craft Powerful Marketing Messages