Make your Business Plan a Custom Fit

A business plan is not “one size fits all” –it depends on your business strategy, goals and financial resources.  As a rule your small business plan should be flexible and proceed through affordable steps.

This workshop will enable you to articulate the reasons for developing a business plan and its relation to your customers. It will assist you in formulating your business model and goals as well as projecting funding needs and financial results. The session will also provide strategies for communicating your business strategy to stakeholders and encouraging them to participate.

In this interactive workshop we will cover:

  • Why you need a business plan
  • How to think about customers and marketing strategy
  • Identifying your business model and business goals
  • Projecting your funding needs and financial results
  • Communicating your business strategy for
  • Potential investors
  • Partners
  • Lenders
  • Encouraging lenders, partners and potential investors to participate

Who should attend? 

For start-ups as well as those in business who want to create and/or refine their business plans.

We are introducing simple icons to let you know what stage or stages of business would most benefit from each workshop.