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Accounting, Finance, Banking

Meredith Adler.  Former nationally ranked Wall Street bond and stock analyst, primarily of retailers and distributors of consumables. Expertise in developing business and financial plans, the handling and distribution of food products.

Guru Baliga. Senior executive in major financial institutions. Experienced in fund raising, business valuation, business plans, and investment strategies.

 Bruce Berger, CPA. Chief financial officer and chief information officer at three major corporations, experienced in development and implementation of enterprise computer systems; as an independent consultant, worked with specialty retail chains and multi-location distributors and manufacturers. Expert in business plans, accounting, budgeting, financial analysis and IT.

  Neil Goldenberg. CPA and seasoned business advisor most notably to business founders for strategic planning. Experience in technology (SaaS), Media and Entertainment, e-commerce, real estate, retail, and not for profit. Expert in startup business development, strategic planning, and execution.

  Aida May Kalla.  After obtaining her Wharton MBA , Aida was an international corporate finance banker with large global financial institutions in New York and in the Arab Gulf Region. Experienced in corporate relationship management and debt underwriting, placement and restructuring. She held senior management positions with US and European banks in NYC. Aida raised large ticket funding for both private and publicly held companies while advising them on the best funding strategies as well as presentation to potential investors.

See also Mark Handsman.

Business Management, Planning, and Organization

Jerry Baron  Jerry Baron. Owner of a financial services firm. Expertise in creative management, employee benefit plans and risk management instruments. Experience in business management and business strategies including non-profits.

  Ann Duignan. Top ranked Wall Street stock analyst primarily with J.P. Morgan for 20 years with responsibility for industrial and agriculture-related companies. 20 years experience in manufacturing management and consulting in aerospace, automotive/truck industries. Expertise in business development, strategy, financial planning and all aspects of manufacturing/operations.

Sandy Eames.  Marketing and business development executive and consultant to small-to-large medical electronics companies; active volunteer with non-profits. Expert in business model development, business plans, outbound marketing, product development, strategic alliances, and non-profits.

   Mark Handsman. Senior financial services executive with extensive experience in Treasury, Operations, Finance and Project Management. COO of a startup Management Consulting company, performing virtually all aspects of running a startup. Can provide actionable advice toward developing business plans, creating appropriate business structures, addressing funding issues and developing a realistic strategic plan.

   Amy Hatton.  Marketing agency COO with experience in start-up and enterprise-scale organizations. Experience in client service, project management, growth enablement, operations and human resources. Non-profit board leadership experience.

  Carolyn Katz.  Banker, venture capital investor and consultant specializing in media, tech and communication companies; founder of a ePublishing / eCommerce company. Expert in financing, preparation of pitch and investor materials, strategy and operations, business plans, financial projections and models.

Jeff Keeler  Jeff Keeler.  Expertise in early stage company formation, strategy and development, including funding and investment. I also can help existing businesses expand their growth initiatives, form partnerships or sell businesses. I am an attorney and have spent most of my career in mergers, acquisitions and corporate development.

Douglas Klein Douglas Klein. Expert on leadership, management, teams, culture, human resources, and change management; and co-author of The Enthusiastic Employee 2nd Edition: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want.

 Stephen Kessler.  Chief financial officer, division general manager for major private and public companies in consumer packaged goods, publishing, Internet, and high-growth start-up companies. Expert in business plans development and strategic planning, information technology.

barry langer Barry Langer.  Executive at a large engineering/consulting company. Expertise in business management; strategic planning; preparation of business plans; marketing, management and execution of engineering and consulting contracts both with private clients and government agencies.

Lisa Lindsey. Executive coach and human resources consultant with experience enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. Expertise in human resources, legal operations and start-up experience, including executive roles in cybersecurity and building services organizations.

 Shelley Orenstein. Chief Operating Officer, co-founder and board member of software/consulting firms. Experience in start-up plan development, growth strategy, financial planning and due diligence requirements for selling a company.

 Rob Rinderman. Advisor and communications consultant to senior executives at public and private organizations. Recently joined boutique investment bank and assisting valuations firm with business development. Expert in helping earlier stage, entrepreneurial organizations with marketing and social media outreach strategy.

   Shery Saeed can help clients start businesses or regenerate established companies by knowing their customers, the pain-point, and the solution to help them design better products or services and create the best business model to make money.

  Harold Singer. In my 30+ years business career, I have taken my ideas from concept to three successful businesses from the ground up. I understand what it means to start a business, market and media-promote it and then to sell the businesses. I relate to every facet of business from legal, accounting, insurance, marketing and business planning. I can assist in helping to avoid pitfalls and situations that occur in every type of business.

 Claude Trahan. Executive and lawyer, formerly lead human resources officer and senior operations officer for large energy company. Legal background in law firm, corporate, government and judicial organizations. Strategic, legal, operational and administrative experience. Expert in litigation, human resources, business management and strategic and business planning.

Marty Wax  Marty Wax.  Expertise with strategic solicitations, contracting for goods/services, logistics, developing strategies for significant operational improvement, and assuring successful implementations. Experience managing all functions of several companies: from startups and small business to midsize and large companies. I am a people person!

 Burt Wallerstein. Executive with department stores and discount chains; owner of a sales, marketing, and sourcing agency for apparel and sundries; consultant to small wholesale and retail businesses. Expertise in new business model development, brand building, retail, strategic alliances, supply chain, licensing and importing.

  Jerry Weinstein. Entrepreneur, member of multiple boards, business executive experienced in manufacturing-oriented businesses, construction products and materials, public and private corporations and the global marketplace. Expert in managing start-ups, turnarounds, and non-profit organizations.

 Gary Zaremba.  Creating, running, selling and closing various businesses for over 30 years. Gary can assist with planning, marketing, raising capital and growth strategies. "I am a creative sounding board to help you nuture your business dreams into a vibrant reality or take your existing entity to another level."

See also Jim Alles, Bruce Berger, Alice Campbell, Tim Contado, Bob Mate, Lee Simonson, Carol Teten.

E-Commerce, Information Technology, and Social Media

 Jim Alles. Chief executive of an international chemical company, experienced in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, plastic films, and polymers, as well as in technology solutions and non-profits. Expert in strategic and business planning, finance, human resources, manufacturing, e-commerce, social media, and Web strategy.

 Bob Fitterman. Co-founder and chief technology officer of multiple startups. Experienced in market data, location-based business discovery, geodata, and mobile phone services. Expert in software design, product creation, agile methodologies, IP issues, due diligence, team management and growth.

 Tim Miner.  Having worked for IBM and SalesForce, he helps clients with software development including apps, marketing, business planning, social media.

Hospitality and Food Products

Yosef Kirschenbaum. Involved with food service since childhood, worked in and now advising his own family's restaurant/catering operations. Experienced with both production and management of Food Service Operations. Worked and consulted to many restaurants, hotels, caterers and manufacturers. Also a licensed Realtor focused on location scouting and lease negotiations.

 Susan Shapiro. President and CEO of a major U.S.-Canada travel consortium that markets travel projects to agency clients; experienced in development of marketing materials, customer databases, and Web sites. Expert in outbound marketing, strategic alliances, sales, event planning, and public relations.

See also Meredith Adler (food product creation and distribution).


  Bailis Stair. Executive with track record of developing and executing international growth plans for Fortune 500 companies. Expert in marketing strategy, business planning, sales, product development and global business customs.

See also Harry Dannenberg, Neil Puro.

Legal Services

 Lawrence I. Drath, Attorney experienced in real estate transactions including hospitality industry facilities, arbitrator resolving business disputes in commercial agreements. Expert in structuring business entities and partnership and joint venture agreements.

 Fletcher Duke. Attorney for several NYC banks; experienced in finance, taxation, business turnarounds, bankruptcy, buying and selling businesses, litigation management. Expert in a wide range of businesses, including real estate.

See also Claude Trahan, Jeff Keeler.

Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations


 Tim Contado. Seasoned marketer with experience in CPG and food products.Marketing and sales executive with cinema advertising company. Expert in business management, advertising and marketing strategy, media and entertainment, and new product development.Experience in recruiting, public relations, and retail.

Judy Ducharme Judy Ducharme. Senior executive experienced in sales, finance and operations for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.  Utilize a highly collaborative approach to help clients build on core competencies, think outside the box and prioritize opportunities.  Expertise in business models, product development, sales strategies, competitive analysis and problem solving

  Karen Gershowitz. Marketing strategy and research consultant with Fortune 500 financial institutions, technology and service provider clients; experience in the performing arts sector. Expert in marketing, marketing research, strategy, product and service development.

Lyn Hill  Lyn Hill.  VP of communication and external affairs for a large NY hospital. Expertise in marketing, advertising, publications, public relations, media relations, government relations, community affairs and outreach. In addition, significant experience in strategic planning, fund raising, and new business development.

Jeff Landau. Marketing professional with experience in Inks and Coatings industry, Specialty Chemicals and B2B E-commerce. Roles included application chemist, sales, marketing consultant and trainer. Expert in collaboration, business model innovation, and sales and marketing strategies.

 Bob Mate. Senior sales and marketing executive with extensive experience in media, new products, direct marketing, sales management. Expert in developing both business and marketing plans, growing business from the bottom up and turning around struggling brands and businesses.

 Robert Serabin. Sales and marketing executive in aerospace, industrial, and commercial markets, experienced in working with large corporations and small companies. Expert in sales/marketing planning and strategy development.

  Norman Sherman. 40+ years of marketing and advertising experience, working with Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble, Mars, Kraft Foods, LG among many others. Deep knowledge of marketing, strategy, positioning, branding and advertising.

 Mary Tan. Marketing executive with a global consumer products company; department store buyer for a major retail chain. Expert in brand building, inbound and outbound marketing strategy for profit and non-profit companies, new product development, business development, and strategic planning.​

See also Jack Cohn, Lee Simonson, Sandy Eames, Vincenzo Gatto, Glen Muñoz, Susan Shapiro, Bailis Stair.

Media, Entertainment

 Jack Cohn. Owner and producer of a TV commercial production company experienced in television production; marketing, advertising, and sales strategy and planning; Wall Street portfolio and securities analysis. Expert in business, marketing, and sales operations, strategy, and planning.

Dyann Klein Dyann Klein. Seasoned solo business rental supplier for the entertainment industry. Behind the scenes for movie/TV/events decor. Experience in strategic planning, budgeting, marketing, sales, design, pricing, acquisitions, analysis, personnel, operations.

Glen Muñoz   Glen Muñoz. I can help you define your overall, brand, customer and marketing strategies, with a focus on building efficient operations, systems and best practices. Executive in advertising, in web 2.0/digital publishing, business consultant and a business owner in digital, media and the arts.

  PK Ramani. Experienced senior executive in the telecommunications industry (Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Digital Phone) and entrepreneur. Extensive experience in improving customer satisfaction/experience, sales and optimizing business processes /operations.

   Lee Simonson. CEO and Founder of 2 media companies and former President of a strategic consulting firm. Expert in start-up planning, customer acquisition, sales and marketing strategies.

  Carol Teten. Founded and built a non-profit professional dance company, which performed throughout the United States and a for-profit publishing company, which produced dance history videos for educational purposes. As an artistic director and business entrepreneur, her expertise is in non-profits, business planning, and marketing for niche interests.

Not-for-Profit Businesses

Barbara Gold  Barbara Gold. Experienced leader with a strategic orientation, in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Keen understanding of consumer behavior and how to sell a product or service. Not-for-profit expertise includes operations, grant development and fundraising.

   Carol Teton. Founded 2 dance organizatiions, a nonprofit professional company and a for profit video production company, I understand the issues of bringing a dream into reality. I appreciate the value of creating the unknown, the importance of marketing, the power of working with a team, and the step-by-step moves in order to create an organization.

See also Jim Alles, Sandy EamesLyn Hill, Susan ShapiroJerry Weinstein.

Real Estate, Construction

   Francisco Guzman.   Assists clients in Applying for MWBE certifications, Setting business goals, Design/Construction Management, Short- and long-term planning

 Gerry Vasisko. Managed a consulting architecture, planning and interior design firm. Expertise in project planning and execution, human resources, financial and workload projections, staffing, computer and CAD resources, preparing or supervising client and construction contracts. Experience in office management and staff mentoring techniques.

See also Yosef Kirschenbaum, Jerry Weinstein, Gary Zaremba.

Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution (Fashion/Apparel)

 Harry Dannenberg. Executive in women’s designer, better, and popular-priced footwear, retail and wholesale; experienced in developing and bringing footwear to market. Expert in shoe manufacturing, import, and distribution. Owned 6 retail women's shoe stores.

 J. Vincenzo (Vince) Gatto.  Owner of retail apparel stores; consultant to small men’s-apparel retailers; professor of marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT); experienced in food- and home-industry start-ups. Expert in management, development of business plans for start-ups, brand­positioning and -repositioning, marketing, and promotion.

  Ayaz Merchant.  I've built a wholesale apparel business from the ground up and understand the challenges that it brings. As a strong generalist I've worn many hats, though I focus on Startup Ideation, Trends, Product Development, Sales, and Imports. I can help clients gain clarity on their business model, the value they're providing.

 Neil Puro. Founder of a domestic, multi plant, Home Furnishings Manufacturing company. Experienced in all segments of running a fast-paced entrepreneurial business: cut and sew, import & export, supply chain management, product development, marketing, and costing.

Temitope Williams  Temitope Williams. I have experience in the fashion industry, both from a technical perspective and from a business perspective: this includes product development, product life cycle management, white label garment manufacturing. Experienced with digital marketing/social media management through formal and applied learning.

See also Jeff Landau.

Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Distribution (Other Products)

  Alice Campbell. Merchandising executive with long career at American luxury jeweler and specialty retailer in New York City and Hong Kong. Expertise includes: category management (e.g., assortment planning, new product planning, pricing, distribution), sales and trend analysis, space planning and jewelry product development. Holds G.G. degree from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Donald Gottheimer. Founder and president of a distributor/retail chain of branded cosmetics, fragrance, and hair-care products. Expert in all aspects of starting, operating and building a successful business organization, from site selection to operations and marketing to ultimate P&L responsibility.

Evan Janovic. Chief Executive in decorative and interior paint business for consumer, contractor, and institutional businesses. Experienced in business management, planning, and organization. Expert in retail, manufacturing, import, and distribution.

See also Jim Alles, Burt Wallerstein.



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