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Scientific Ways for Small Businesses to Close Deals – With Sincerity

Scientific Ways for Small Businesses to Close Deals – With Sincerity

March 10, 2018,

For small business owners, the art of closing the “deal” can make or break a company. These research-driven steps can help you reframe your position in dealing with potential investors and business partners.

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Catching Investors’ Eyes: How A Business Can Make Itself More Appealing

November 5, 2018,

The characteristics of effective business leaders don’t really change. Andrew Carnegie outlined 31 of them in 1908, and they still apply today.

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Finance: What Does It Really Take to Get a Small Business Loan?

January 25, 2011,

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal had to say about what helps—and hurts—when you’re approaching bankers.


Starting: 3 Steps to a $1 Billion Idea

March 30, 2011,

Besides passion, resourcefulness, and depth of expertise, I’ve observed 3 critical success factors that are typical of the makeup of well known mega successful entrepreneurial endeavors, such Groupon or Google.