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The Magic of Test-and-Learn Marketing

Which is more important: What customers say? Or what they actually do?  The answer, of course, is actual behavior. Read more


Why Small Business Ads on Facebook Flop

Daniel Kehrer from BizBest.com discusses why using social media channels, like Facebook, for paid advertising may not work well for all types of businesses. Read more


Mobile Marketing Success for Local Business

Daniel Kehrer from BizBest.com discusses how consumers are using their mobile devices and how small businesses can use this information to make their mobile marketing plan a succes Read more


How to Use Viral Deal Sites to Create New Cash Flow Sources

Viral “deal of the day” sites have become popular in the past few years. Read more

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How to Market With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three best-known social media marketing tools for businesses. Here’s how to use each of them effectively. Read more


How to Market With Email Newsletters

These days, almost everyone uses email, making email newsletters one of the most effective marketing methods for any small business. Read more