Owning a business is both exciting and intimidating.

With SCORE, you have lots of support. Browse these tools and find resources to help you make decisions on starting or growing your enterprise. Your SCORE mentor can assist in putting your ideas into action.

Entreprenurial kids

Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Kids

February 12, 2013,

Are you a parent? Do your children hope to start their own businesses one day or to change the world with an innovation that transforms ordinary life?


Millennials Find Success with Franchising

January 21, 2016

Franchising offers a unique opportunity for Millennials who may not have prior business experience to succeed thanks to a business structure that is already in place.

Young Entrepreneurs

What’s Holding Millennials Back From Entrepreneurship?

March 1, 2016,

More than half (51 percent) of Millennials (ages 18-34) either own or would like to own a business someday. Those numbers could be even higher, if only financial concerns weren’t holding would-be Millennial entrepreneurs back.

Meet the Millennipreneurs: A New Breed of Entrepreneurs

Meet the Millennipreneurs: A New Breed of Entrepreneurs

March 29, 2016,

Here are some ways millennipreneurs differ from entrepreneurs of other generations.

child entrepreneur

The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: 6 Tips for Raising a Kidpreneur

May 26, 2016,

Here are some tips if your child wants to start a business.


Millennial Entrepreneurs: Optimistic and Learning

September 6, 2016,

How do Millennial small business owners differ from their older counterparts?

Asian woman at computer

Millennials: Here are 4 Ways to Turn Your Skills into a Profitable Side Hustle

September 29, 2016,

Whether you eventually want to become your own boss or you just want to generate some extra income to pad your savings each month, choosing to start a business on the side is the best way to test your way into finding the right opportunities for making money by putting your skills to good use.

Sera Solutions

What’s it Like to Be a College Student and Business Owner?

November 25, 2016,

SCORE showed Seth Spencer how to juggle college and running a business.

Infographic: Meet the Millennipreneurs

Infographic: Meet the Millennipreneurs

Our latest infographic details the emergence of Millennial entrepreneurs, or millennipreneurs, and how successful they are compared to previous generations. Read more