Leadership can be lonely. Get a peer group to share challenges and ideas and find new opportunities for growth. 

SCORENYC’s Business Owners Roundtable meets every three weeks on Wednesday mornings. Participants commit to participate for six sessions (approx. four months) and can then renew.​

With 10-12 small-business CEOs from non-competing industries, it encourages, learning and networking in a respectful and collaborative environment. The agenda is set by members and special guest speakers periodically join to enrich the conversation.

Examples of topics discussed:

  • Time management, finding balance and focus
  • Finding, hiring and retaining employees
  • Selling new customers and closing the sale
  • Using technology to enhance profitability and growth

The Roundtable is facilitated by SCORE NYC Mentor Jerry Weinstein, who has led several of these groups in recent few years. Jerry is a seasoned entrepreneur and corporate leader with many years of experience in a variety of businesses and industries. He is currently an owner and investor in several ongoing businesses. 

Who should attend? 

Top officers of all types of businesses with a minimum of two years of revenue are welcome. Pre-qualification is required. For more information about the Roundtable and its schedule, email weinstein@scorenyc.org OR call 908 578 5344.​

We are introducing simple icons to let you know what stage or stages of business would most benefit from each workshop.