Say Cheese! Vegan Style 

Business highlights
* Within six months of opening Riverdel, began offering the largest curated selection of vegan cheeses on the East Coast
* Expanded offerings to 15–20 brands, comprising 80–100 varieties of vegan cheeses

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It is said necessity is the mother of invention, and Michaela Grob can vouch for that. After she became vegan around five years ago, Michaela’s discerning palate demanded more than the functional cheeses she found in stores. When she failed to find the kind of plant-based cheeses she was looking for, Michaela began experimenting in her kitchen. Very soon, not only did she have smoky, sharp, and creamy cheeses on her table, but also a new recipe for success. She decided to become an entrepreneur and launch a vegan cheese store.

Michaela realized early on that she had a novel idea, but she needed expert help to execute her plan. She looked for available resources and turned to SCORE NYC for advice. A former corporate professional, Michaela had worked in sales for 15 years, but she lacked marketing experience. She attended SCORE’s training workshops on finance and marketing and decided she wanted further insight into retail marketing. She reached out to a SCORE mentor Mary Tan, who had extensive experience in marketing strategy and retail. The sessions proved extremely useful. Mary taught her to identify her client base and tailor her marketing strategy accordingly.

It’s been six months since Michaela opened shop, yet she plans to return to Mary, whom she sees as her sounding board. Ask her what her advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs would be, and she suggests, “Make use of the affordable workshops offered by SCORE NYC and find a mentor to bounce ideas off.”

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SCORE Success Story: Michaela Grob