Helping Companies Promote Well-Being of their Employees

Written by Janinka van Bennekom

Business highlights:
Got her first client by convincing the Dean of Students at Columbia Business School to run a pilot program for her 30-person team while still in school
* Grew her company to helping hundreds of clients in 10 cities across the country

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When Liz Wilkes started her MBA at Columbia Business School in 2011, she joined a community of people who wanted to change their careers and find work they loved. As on-campus recruiting began, she got fascinated by the innovative companies that demonstrated a clear interest in the individuals behind the job application, valuing their personal and professional growth. She started searching for a way to channel this into a business idea. As a part of Columbia Business School’s highly selective Greenhouse Program, which helps students prepare their businesses for investment, she had an opportunity to work on “proof-of-concept” before founding her company, Exubrancy.

In Exubrancy, Liz has found a way to combine her personal passion for fitness, meditation, and wellness with her interest in helping companies take better care of their people. Her company offers office meditation sessions, on-site massages, and office yoga and fitness classes to foster engagement, connectivity, and well-being of their employees.

To get where she is now, Liz put a lot of effort in networking. “Being an entrepreneur means building a strong network. For me, that means adding value to the lives and businesses of others without worrying what you’ll get in return. Do good, and good things will come your way.” In that network, Liz also discovered SCORE. Her SCORE co-mentors, Jim Alles and Mary Tan, helped fill in the gaps in her marketing knowledge and organize her thoughts. “Setting up regular SCORE meetings really helped me create structure and focus on benchmarking and accountability. It’s a gift, to have access to trusted experts whose single goal is to help you succeed.”

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SCORE Success Story: Liz Wilkes