Believe in Yourself – Just Do It

Business highlights
* Transitioned from a career in marketing to opening Wheated, a pizzeria and cocktail bar in 2013
* Purchased the building two years later as a result of a solid financial strategy
* Planning expansion of menu offerings and restaurant space to accommodate a growing clientele

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When David Sheridan lost his job as a marketing manager in 2012, it opened the door for him to pursue his dream of becoming a chef in his own pizza restaurant. The son of an Italian mother, he enjoyed making pizza so much that he built a wood-fired oven in his backyard. Realizing that starting a business required a great deal more than knowing how to cook, David combed the internet and found SCORE. After he attended a business planning workshop, his mentor, Munir Saltoun, guided him in developing a plan that would serve as a roadmap for his restaurant’s future. Before long, David was signing a lease in the Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn and preparing to launch a pizzeria that would feature unique toppings, salads, cocktails, and specialty sodas.

“The most helpful part of the process was formulating the financials. Our plan told me the numbers we needed to reach over time, and it was reassuring to know I was headed in the right direction.” Although David might have been a bit optimistic about his first year, he found that in a little more than two years, he was hitting his sales targets and was positioned to obtain the funding to purchase the building.

“SCORE mentors are all experienced executives who serve as invaluable resources to help novices realize their dreams. Basically, it was a two-step process. I learned the questions to ask by attending the workshop, and got the answers from my mentor. Believe in yourself—just do it!”

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SCORE Success Story: David Sheridan