Written by Richa Agarwal

Business Highlights:
* Within two years, Cracked Candy has expanded to 200 stores
* It will launch its fifth flavor next year and is aiming to grow beyond the East Coast

If someone offered you a candy for shiny, strong teeth, chances are you’d call that person cracked. However, if that person is Flora Pringle, you’d eat more than just your words.

A former science teacher and a SCORE client, Flora is the founder of Cracked Candy, a company that makes sugar-free candies. The idea of starting such a venture came to her in 2013, when she discovered xylitol, a natural sweetener approved by the American Dental Association. She learned that it helped prevent tooth decay by reducing the levels of decay-causing bacteria in saliva.

Back then a stay-at-home mom with entrepreneurial dreams, Flora instantly knew that her idea had potential. She turned the tiny kitchen of her Brooklyn apartment into her workplace and began experimenting with recipes. In less than a year, she was selling peppermint candies to the health-conscious. Since she had little business knowledge, Flora approached Diane Drey, a company CEO and a SCORE NYC mentor. “I was overwhelmed by what felt like endless tasks ahead of me. Diane helped me prioritize where to spend my energy, time, and resources,” Flora says. Diane’s expert advice helped Flora streamline her website content and scale up production.

Now that she is a successful business owner, Flora urges fledgling entrepreneurs to make use of a free resource like SCORE NYC. “Working on your own is hard, so having an experienced mentor to bounce ideas off is invaluable.”

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SCORE success story: Cracked Candy