“There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people succeed.” Tom Greenbaum

* Executive with leading consumer products companies
* Owned and managed a business on eBay
* Faculty, NYU Stern School of Business
* Authored six books on marketing

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If you are eager to start your own business or need help with an existing enterprise, Tom is the mentor for you! After working in marketing, consulting, and e-commerce for more than 40 years, he enjoys nothing as much as assisting entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams. A graduate of Lafayette University and Columbia University School of Business, he had held positions at Procter and Gamble, Church and Dwight, Glendinning Associates, Connecticut Consulting Group, and Clarion Marketing and Communications. Tom also founded Groups Plus, a focus group consulting firm, and

At the time Tom joined SCORE in 2009, he was retired, living in Connecticut, and taking some college courses. “Once I got hooked on being a mentor, there was no time for anything else.” Seven years and 800 clients later, he admits unabashedly that this is the best thing he ever did. “Once I help the client determine whether their idea can make money, we are on our way to figuring out how to make that happen. I provide them with guidance and homework to research—allowing them to come to their own conclusions.”

After working at the SCORE chapter in Connecticut for six years, Tom and his wife, Rosalie, moved to New York City four years ago, and now he mentors about 60 clients at the SCORE NYC chapter while commuting to the Norwalk, Connecticut, chapter once a week to continue mentoring some long-standing clients. “My objective is to have happy clients who achieve their goals—it’s that simple!”

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