Helping Others Find ‘Win-Win’ Solutions

Expertise: Larry Drath
* Structuring agreements for business entities, partnerships and joint ventures
* Arbitrating business disputes in commercial agreements
* Real estate transactions

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Working past barriers — finding the win-win solutions in each situation, personally and professionally — is Larry Drath’s credo. As a lawyer, this is somewhat against his original schooling and the principles that were instilled in him as a litigator. “As a litigator, you’re told everything is a zero sum game — to crush the opposition at any cost,” said Larry. “I realized this really wasn’t for me. I wanted to be in a field where the other side wasn’t the enemy.”

This is why Larry eventually struck on a different path, choosing a career representing real estate clients, expanding his work to include joint ventures and partnerships across the hospitality industry. The need to show patience and empathy throughout the negotiation and dealmaking process appealed to his interest in cooperation and collaboration: “Winning, for everyone, is the greatest victory when crafting a great deal, not capitulation by every other side but your own.”

This understanding — that good business and good business dealings should be a win for everyone — is core to Larry’s approach with clients and those he mentors through SCORE. Yet, how does one articulate that the business is a win for all involved? At SCORE, Larry advocates writing a sound business plan.

“A business plan is necessary to securing funding, and to making sense of the viability of your business as a whole, to yourself and others,” said Larry. “SCORE really helps entrepreneurs grasp the importance of this process, which is what makes being a mentor so meaningful to me.”

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