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Bruce Berger began his career during the years of unprecedented change in the accounting industry. After graduating from NYU in the mid 1960s, he joined Westheimer, Fine, Berger and Company, which became Grant Thornton. Here he utilized his analytical skills and passion for problem-solving in supporting businesses in the emerging field of systems development. “With the advent of computers, the role of the accountant extended to creating more productive operations processes. Part of my job was to convince my clients that technology wasn’t the enemy!”

In 1972 Bruce became CFO of Milgray Electronics, which is now Arrow, and in 1984 became CFO of Barnes and Noble. “Although I wasn’t adept at programming computers, I was able to work with technology experts in creating systems that would enable these companies to become more efficient.” It was in 1988 that Bruce founded the Sutton Group, a consulting firm specializing in integrating business processes with computerization.

Over the two years that Bruce has volunteered as a SCORE mentor, he has been inspired by his clients’ enthusiasm.  “Being a non-judgmental good listener is the most important thing I can do for the people that I work with. From there, I can take what they have told me and assist them in creating a realistic business plan that will successfully transform their ideas into a profitable business.”

Bruce serves on the NYU Board of Trustees, where he has also become a fund-raising wizard. He and his wife, Susan, enjoy travel, theater, and the arts.

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