A disruptor and inventor, Maximus Yaney is co-founder and CEO of Kangaroo, which seeks to bring home security to everyone across the globe. With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, Maximus has built a wide-ranging career in fields from aerospace to IT.

In each industry, Maximus Yaney and his team created new, original solutions to recurring problems. When he sought to build a low-cost, high-altitude solar-powered drone to provide internet to the 3 billion without it, few believed it could be done. Four years later, Maximus sold his company, Titan Aerospace, to Google. 

Today, Maximus is busy with his latest venture, which will use state-of-the-art technology to provide the ultimate home security solution for a fraction of the price. As a builder with a deep passion for experimentation, Maximus Yaney is interested in emerging technologies such as space exploration, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI.

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 Maximus  Yaney