Debrah Lee Charatan is an entrepreneur and real estate veteran widely recognized for her experience brokering, investing, and developing commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties in the New York City area. Today, she stands as the founder, President, and CEO of BCB Property Management Inc., a full-service real estate firm in New York City that manages a portfolio of 120+ buildings, 1,800 apartments, and a collective 1.6 million square feet of real estate. 

Charatan’s career in New York’s real estate sector began in the late 1970s, when she took a secretarial role at a property management company and started her undergraduate studies at Baruch College. Within a few short years, Charatan’s academic and professional work had earned her both a bachelor’s degree and a promotion into a full-time property management role. 

Debrah Lee Charatan quickly set about proving herself as a real estate professional and businesswomen. By the time she turned 23, she had struck out on her own and founded her own property management firm, Bach Realty. The firm earned considerable recognition both for its remarkable success and for creating New York’s first all-female realty sales team. Within a mere five years, Charatan’s firm had grown to the point of generating $100 million in annual sales. 

The real estate entrepreneur also did business under the name Debrah Lee Charatan Realty, Inc., and most recently, as BCB Property Management

Debrah Lee Charatan’s interests are not limited to the real estate sector alone. She is also involved in a number of philanthropic ventures in and around the greater New York area to support cultural, humanitarian, and civic causes. 

Primarily through the Charatan Family Foundation, Charatan contributes her time and resources to philanthropic efforts and charitable organizations around New York City. These nonprofits include but are not limited to Selfhelp, the Rainforest Foundation, National Jewish Health, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Promise Project, the Urban Arts Partnership, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Park East Synagogue, Chabad of Southampton, the Jewish Museum, the Central Park Conservancy, Chai Lifeline, and the Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation.

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 Debrah Lee Charatan