Debrah Lee Charatan is an entrepreneur and real estate veteran widely recognized for her experience brokering, investing and developing commercial, residential and mixed-use properties in the New York City area.

Charatan is the Founder and President of BCB Property Management Inc, a full-service multifamily and mixed-use real estate firm in New York City. As President of BCB Property Management, Debrah Lee Charatan and her team have acquired over 1.6 million square feet of real estate in New York and New Jersey, a portfolio that includes 120+ buildings and 1,800 apartments.

Debrah Lee Charatan is involved in philanthropic ventures in and around the greater New York area to support cultural, humanitarian and civic causes. Primarily through the Charatan/Holm Family Foundation, Charatan contributes her time and resources to many philanthropic efforts and charitable organizations around New York City. 

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Debrah Lee Charatan